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Use the following form for asking a librarian your question via email. A librarian will respond to any single query usually within 24 hours, except for Sundays and vacation periods.

If you are on campus, telephone 8-HELP (84357) for additional assistance. Off-campus users should dial +1 (765) 998-4357.

See specific instructions below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who may use this service?
This service is intended for the students, faculty, and staff of Taylor University.

Who will receive my question?
Your question will go to the librarians at the Zondervan Library.

What kinds of questions can I ask?
Any questions you might ask at a library reference desk that might include:

  • Where should I begin to look for information on this topic? (in the library, in networked resources, and on the Internet).
  • I have looked for ________ in the following sources_______. Where else might I look?Can you supply me with an address (a quotation source, a correct citation, an historical fact, biographical fact, et. al.)
  • Does the library have an expert in this (field, language, subject area, service area...) who might help me with ___________ ?
  • How can I search ________ on the WWW for materials that I can access from my room?
  • And just about anything else in support of research and instruction.