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Welcome to the Zondervan Library!

Photo of Dan Bowell

The Library is an information hub for the Taylor University community, by providing many tangible resources, like books and DVDs, but also by connecting to a vast range of quality information resources and services.

When you think of a library, you probably first think of books.  Books are important, even vital for an academic institution, and with over 200,000 books and journals on its shelves, the Zondervan Library continues to acquire print resources that support teaching, student research, and a broad spectrum of learning.  The front door for this access is the WorldCat Research Station.  However, a library today is much more than physical books and journals.  We provide discovery and access to an enormous range of online information in the form of journals and eBooks. Most of this information provided through the Library is not freely available on the web.

Do you have a question about our resources, services or the Library building and want to talk to someone?  Our Ask and Check Out desks provide this opportunity.  Pose your questions about the Library, or how to start your research, or finding a particular item at the Ask desk where librarians and student Research Assistants are available to help.  The Check Out desk is the place to borrow resources from books to LCD projectors to iPads and much more.  Maybe you just need a quiet space to get some work done.  The Library has a variety of spaces, including 19 study rooms, for working individually or as a group,

Remember, this is your library.  Let us know how we can help – and how we can improve.  Don’t hesitate to contact me directly with your suggestions or concerns.  We hope that you will feel welcome and at home in the Zondervan Library and that it will be a place where you can truly Discover, Connect, Learn, and Create.

Dan Bowell
University Librarian/Director of the Library