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Campus Community Records_Archives

Campus Community Records

The following materials are a sampling of records we have that document campus life.

For further information on what other campus community records we have, please contact the Archives.

photo of an old ECHO cover page with an old Taylor seal on the frontPublications 

  • Surrounding Community Publications (PDF)
  • Echo (Taylor University student newspaper 1913-present)
  • Taylor Magazine (1963-present)
  • Gem (Taylor University yearbook 1898 - 1962)
  • Ilium (Taylor University yearbook 1963 - present)

The Echo (1913-1920 and 1978 - present)*, Taylor Magazine (1963-present), and the Gem (1898-1920)* are being indexed and can be searched via the Index to Publications. The Index brings up titles of relevant articles by subject heading or individual mentioned and provides basic bibliographic information. To obtain copies of the articles, contact the Archives with the article's bibliographic information.

Numerous other publications exist and can be researched, in person, at the Archives. Contact the Archives for a complete listing.

Multimedia: Audio

  • Audio Reel Tape Collection (PDF)
  • CD Collection (PDF)
  • Chapel Audio Reel Tape Collection (PDF)
  • General Cassette Tape Collection (PDF)
  • Family Forum Cassette Tape Collection (PDF)
  • Milo Rediger Audio Reel Tape Collection (PDF)
  • Vinyl Record Collection (PDF)

Multimedia: Visual

  • DVD Collection (PDF)
  • Video Collection (VHS) (PDF)**
  • Slide Collection (PDF)
  • Photos (For further information about photos, please contact the Archives.)

*(The dates listed are currently indexed and in the system. Archives staff continue to index the remaining years.)

** A more complete listing is available upon request.