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Overview of the Collection

The Christian College Consortium (hereafter, CCC) archives was tranferred to the Taylor Unviersity Archives in December 2007, the outgrowth of an inviation from the CCC for Taylor University to consdier hosting these resources and based upon a proposal from Taylor University host them. 

Most of the materials transferred are retrospective in nature, dating from the founding of the CCC in 1971 and prior to 2000.  Items included in the collection range from correspondence, meeting minutes, financial records, to previous CCC research.


Accessing the CCC Collection

CCC Index

The University Archives is currently compling a searchable index of the items contained within the collection. Currently, a detailed checklist is availble in PDF version

For specific questions, please contact the University Archives.

CCC Access Policy

Some items within the CCC collection have limited access.  The official CCC Access Policy outlines the terms of viewing and use by patrons.         PDF Version