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Donating Materials


What will the Archives accept?

The Archives is interested in any materials that are relevant to the history of the University from its beginning in 1846 to present, regardless of format (paper, audio, visual, etc).* For three-dimensional artifacts, we determine eligibility on a case-by-case basis.

All items in functioning, good condition will be considered for acquisition.  Items in poor condition will not be accepted unless affordable provisions can be made for their conservation.  The value and uniqueness of the item will be considered as well as the capability of the Archives' facility to preserve such materials.

  Items of particular interest:

  • Publications: We are missing issues for several of our publications,. If you have Illiums, Echoes, Catalogs, Taylor Magazines, etc that you wish to give away, please contact us. We may need them!
  • Campus Life: Residence Hall traditions, personal anecdotes regarding Taylor in general, or how a professor influenced you, etc – all the human interest stories that convey what it’s like to work, live, and study at Taylor University.** 

For a complete listing of other types of materials we collect, please see “Full List of Items the University Archives Collects” (PDF)


Are there guidelines I need to follow?

  • Contact the archives to see if we are the best location for your donation.
  • Clearly label all material with originating department and/or person.
  • Include all known background information regarding the material, i.e. summary of contents, what time span they cover, how and/or why they were created, any persons involved, etc. The more context given about the materials, the more useful they become.
  • See also Guidelines for Transferring Files (PDF).

If you have further questions about donating materials, please contact the Archives.

*The Archives will not accept materials that it cannot afford to acquire, process, store, and provide sufficient access to patrons unless specific provisions are made.


** Keep in mind that current campus life (eg. what buildings exist on campus, what a typical dorm room looks like, that chapel is three times a week, etc.) may not be common knowledge in 50 years. For example, one question we can't answer is why "Trojans" are our mascot and why purple and gold are our colors!