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So how do I...

Designed to provide you with self-help online audiovisual guides to some of the more important Library resources and tools and beginning research concepts, this collection of videos will give you a jump start to researching with the Zondervan Library.


How do I use Naxos Music Library?

Learn how to use Zondervan Library's answer to scratched CDs. Multi-genre, instrumental and vocal streaming music with over 400,000 individual tracks. Access from anywhere within Taylor's Network.


How do I find Company Information?

Whether you need to find SEC reports or SWOT analyses, or you simply want more information on a company for a course or paper, this video will direct you to the two best sources of that information within the Library Resources.


How do I find eBooks in the Catalog?

For leisure or for classes, you can find a variety of types of eBooks in the Library Catalog. Learn the tips and tricks to find them quickly in this video.


How do I find Audiobooks in the Library?

In both CD and mp3 formats, Zondervan Library provides some Audiobooks that could be useful for class work as well as road trips. Find them here.


How do I get a Book through Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

Can't find a book in our Library? Don't despair! We share books with libraries around the world and you can find out where to discover and order them here!


How do I get an Article through Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

Is the article you want not available in Full Text? You could get access to it in a few days through ILL! Because we share resources with libraries around the world, you can get the articles you want pretty quickly! Watch here for details.


How do I find Articles not in a Database?

When your article does not appear in Full Text, you have a couple of options. It may be in a different database within the Zondervan collection. Here you will find instructions for searching the List of Journals, Magazines, and Newspapers, as well as getting access to articles through Interlibrary Loan (ILL). Watch this video to learn the steps to accessing the information you need.


How do I use Google for Research?

Everybody loves Google. Get tips for Advanced Google searching and for using some of its other tools—Google Scholar and Google Books—for reliable, research paper-worthy materials.


How do I find News Sources?

Discover how to get access to our electronic news sources through various tools, including Library PressDisplay, which provides today’s paper (and 30 days prior) from hundreds of International newspapers.


How do I use Subject Terms?

This is a new way to search, more precise to the article content and easy to use. Searching by Subject Terms allows you to be more efficient in finding the sources you need in Library databases.


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