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Researching in the University Archives

Where do I start?

First, contact the University Archives to discuss your research topic and needs. 

More about visiting the Archives

Guidelines for Research:

  • Borrowing:  Borrowing items from the University Archives is only permitted under special circumstances.  Plan to spend time in the University Archives to conduct your research.
  • Stacks:  Stacks are closed to researchers.  A University Archives employee will retrieve materials for researchers.
  • Photocopying & Scanning: Photocopying and scanning of items will be completed by a University Archives employee.  Any duplication is subject to copyright restrictions.
  • Handling Materials: Researchers are required to thoroughly wash and dry their hands prior to handling any archival materials.  If photographs or artifacts are to be handled, gloves will be provided and must be worn.  When handling any document, please refrain from touching printed or written text.

General Preservation Procedures:

  • No food or drink is permitted while researching.
  • Use only pencil when making notes.
  • Do not fold, crease, exert pressure on or write on any materials.
  • Work slowly and carefully through the materials to avoid damaging them.
  • Maintain the order of the materials by consulting one box at a time, and one folder within that box.  To preserve the contents of a folder, turn each item in the folder like a page in a book instead of removing items from the folder.
  • When available, use copies of the original materials for research to better preserve the originals.

Research Requests

  • For basic requests (e.g., syllabi, fact-checking) an Archives employee will consult the collection and respond to the researcher with an answer or with the requested document(s).
  • For detailed or complex requests, it is preferred that the researcher visit the Archives to conduct his/her own research.  If this is not possible due to the researcher's location, alternative solutions are possible.  Please contact the University Archives for further information.
  • While University Archives staff can provide fact-based answers to questions, interpretation of the information is the responsibility of the researcher.  

What Resources are Available Online?

All yearbooks, academic catalogs and alumni magazines are available online for viewing and searching.  

Index to Publications: Can be useful in locating articles in the Echo (1913-1920 and 1976-present), Taylor Magazine (all dates), and the Gem (1898-1920). The Index brings up titles of relevant articles by subject heading or individual mentioned and provides basic bibliographic information. To view or obtain copies of the Echo articles, contact the Archives with the article’s bibliographic information.  Please note that this index is incomplete.