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Rice Cow Creamer Collection

Photo of hundreds of different Cow creamers laid out from Rice Cow Creamer CollectionIn 1978, Raymond and Garnett Rice (both alumni from the class of 1929) donated approximately 250 cow creamers to Taylor University.

Known as the Rice Cow Creamer Collection, this assembly of creamers contains many antique pieces, including a number of exquisite sterling silver creamers.  Several of these are thought to be from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.


 You can learn more by reading the following articles that appeared in Taylor Magazine:

“The Rice Collection: America’s Finest” by Robert Cotner (PDF)
 “The Right Mix” by Will Cleveland (PDF)


Rice Cow Creamers in the News

Collector's News Magazine

The Rice Cow Creamer Collection was the subject of an article in Collector's News Magazine in July of 2009.


Photo of from the taping of Unwrapped The Rice Cow Creamer Collection was featured on the "Creamy" episode of the Food Network's Unwrapped, a 30-minute television show that uncovers behind-the-scenes details on classic American food and food-related items.