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black and white photo of Samuel Morris wearing a suitThese materials, which have come from a variety of sources, are based upon the life of Samuel Morris (1873-1893), a student of Taylor University in 1892-1893. Born Prince Kaboo in Liberia, Africa, he was enslaved to a neighboring tribe and miraculously managed to escape. He ended up in the city of Monrovia and while there became a Christian. He desired to go to America to study to be a missionary so that he could come back and share the Gospel with his people. Eventually, he found himself at Taylor University, located at that time in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, where one of his missionary friends in Monrovia had attended. His life was an inspiration to all those around him. However, in May 1893, having previously been ill, Morris died of pneumonia. The story of his life, first published by Thaddeus Reade, is said to have gained the publicity and funds for the school at a time when it was in danger of closing. Since then, many accounts of his life have been written and Taylor continues to honor his memory with a dorm bearing his name and statues depicting his life.

The files date back to late 1891 and contain a wide range of materials. They include correspondence regarding Morris, before and after his death, and letters regarding such things as the "Angel in Ebony" film made about his life. It also includes magazine and newspaper articles, photos, a poem written about his grave, and a map to his grave site. Also in the collection are a number of books, biographical booklets, and tracts. We do not have anything written by Samuel Morris, but we do have a letter written to him by his friend, Henry O'Neil.

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See also the Samuel "Kaboo" Morris page in the About Us section for further information.