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Owen Barfield

Owen BarfieldOwen Barfield was born in London,1898. During World War I he served in the Royal Engineers. Barfield graduated from Wadham College, Oxford, where he became a life long close friend of C.S. Lewis and later joined the Inklings. 

Turning to the law, he was a practicing solicitor from 1931 to his retirement in 1959. Following his retirement, he has spent much time in the United States - as a visiting professor at Drew University in 1964-65, and in similar capacity at Brandeis the following academic year.

Barfield's books, few in number but full of originality, have won him a devoted and growing following. Much of his writing concentrated on the study of language. Most notable of his works are perhaps History in English Words, Poetic Diction, Saving the Appearances, Unancestral Voice, and Worlds Apart. Barfield also wrote a fairy tale, The Silver Trumpet, as well as a book about C.S. Lewis.