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From - Taylor University, integrating faith and learning


Volume I

A Collection of Essays Presented at the First

Frances White Ewbank Colloquium

on C.S. Lewis & Friends

 Upland, IN 



All essays © 1997 by the individual authors

C.S. Lewis and Christian Scholarship
            Bruce Edwards, Bowling Green State University

C.S. Lewis: Lightbearer in the Shadowlands
            Angus Menuge, Concordia University

Praeparatio Evangelica
            Joel Heck, Concordia University

Shadows That Fall: The Immanence of Heaven in the Fiction of Lewis and MacDonald
            David Manley, Trinity Western University, British Columbia, Canada

The Friendship of Lewis and Tolkien
            John Seland, Nanzan University, Japan

Till Poems Have Faces
            Lou Olson, Student, Taylor University

Myth Made Truth: Origins of The Chronicles of Narnia
            Mark Bane, Student, Taylor University

C.S. Lewis: Past Watchful Dragons
            Stephanie Jones, Student, Taylor University

Old Poet Remembered: The Case for the Poetry of C.S. Lewis
            David Landrum, Cornerstone College

Human Destiny in That Hideous Strength
            Wilfred Martens, Fresno Pacific University

Dorothy L. Sayers and the Passionate Intellect
            Roger Phillips, Taylor University

Till We Have Faces: A Restoration of Perspective on the Condition of Man          
            Joan Alexander

The Question of Biblical Allegory in Till We Have Faces
            David Bedsole, Huntingdon College

The Abolition of Man: First Principles and Pre-Evangelism (or ‘What C.S. Lewis Taught My Brother’)
            Ted Dorman, Taylor University

A Doubting Thomas and His Challengers:
George MacDonald’s Answer to the Victorian Crises of Faith

            Pamela Jordan, Taylor University

The Speaking Elephant: Rightly Dividing MacDonald’s Fairy Tales
            Darren Hotmire, Trinity Divinity School

George MacDonald and Medicine
            Darrel Hotmire, MD

Cliffhangers: The Serial Tale-Telling Gifts of George MacDonald
             Dan Hamilton

Faith and Fantasy
            Dan Hamilton

Unto the End of the World: Omega Point Eschatology in C.S. Lewis and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
            Chris Smith

Wordsmiths as Warriors: The Intellectual Honesty of G. K. Chesterton and C.S. Lewis
            Daryl Charles, Taylor University

The Apologetics of Chesterton and Lewis in a World Marked by Disbelief
            Michael R. Smith, Taylor University

“Some Shattering Simplicity”: Suffering, Love, and Faith in the Thought of C.S. Lewis
            Jennifer Woodruff

Perspectives in Strength: Four Women in the Writings of Lewis and Tolkien
            Angela Fortner and Peter Marshall

Dorothy L. Sayers: Thinking Passionately
            Marjorie Lamp Mead, Wheaton College