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From - Taylor University, integrating faith and learning


Volume II

A Collection of Essays

Presented at the Second

Frances White Ewbank Colloquium

on C.S. Lewis & Friends


Upland, IN 



All essays © 1999 by the individual authors


Irrigating Deserts: C.S. Lewis on Education
            Joel D. Heck, Concordia University at Austin

Confrontation and Retreat: the Rhetoric of Persona in the Writings of C.S. Lewis
            David Landry, Cornerstone College

Gender and Inklings Friendship
            Candice Frederick and Sam McBride, DeVry Institute of Technology

C.S. Lewis: True Progressive
            Doug Jackson

Lewis in the Dock: A Brief Review of the Secular Print Media’s Judgment of the
C.S. Lewis Centenary

            Richard James

Past the Ravening Lion of Presentism: C.S. Lewis in the Next Century
            Richard Hill, Taylor University

Screwtape: Of Demons and Letters
            Danielle Leas, student, Taylor University

Edmund Pevensie and the Character of the Redeemed
            Jill Ogline, Student, Taylor University

Poetry and Poetics in Tolkien’s Middle Earth
            Elisha Swett, student, King College

Reflections on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
            Bradley S. Belcher

Examining Eustace’s Transformation and Its Mythic Antecedents in
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

            Devin Brown, Asbury College

Stealing Past Watchful Dragons: The Aesthetic as Apologetic in the Fiction of C.S. Lewis
            Eric Maxfield, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

George MacDonald on the Logic of Faith
            Barbara Amell, Editor Wingfold

Reflections of MacDonald in Lewis
            Sharon Oestreicher Kotapish

The Necessity of Doubt in George MacDonald’s Within and Without
            James Washick, Lee University

C.S. Lewis: The Abolition of Man
            Christopher Horton, student, King College

The Atheistic Influences of the Christian Apologist
            Eric McGlaughlin, Belmont College

Literature in the Text of Gaudy Night
             Michael Cunningham, student, King College

A Chestertonian Approach to Humor
            Robert Moore-Jumonville, Taylor University

Gollum and the Mystery of Evil
            John Seland, Nanzan University, Japan

Redeeming the Symbols: Madeleine L’Engle and the Interpreting of Contemporary Geometry in the Christian Tradition
            C. Christopher Smith, Indiana University

Paradise Imperiled in Perelandra: C.S. Lewis’s Theology of Temptation
            Ted Dorman, Taylor University

C.S. Lewis’s Ontological View of the Demonic: Satan as an Explanatory Postulate
            John David Geib, Malone College

Virtue, Civilization and the Restitution of Man
            Angus J.L. Menuge, Concordia University, Wisconsin