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Inklings Forever Vol VI: Lewis & Friends Colloquium 2008

Listed alphabetically by author
all papers ©2008 by the individual authors

Sacred Journeys: C.S. Lewis and Frederick Buechner ,
           Victoria S. Allen, College of the Bahamas     

George MacDonald’s Lilith as Mystical Document,
           Charles Beaucham, Undergraduate, Berry College

Tolkien's Theory of Courage: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil ,
           Emily Bowerman, Undergraduate, Taylor University

Imbruted Souls in Milton, MacDonald, & Lewis ,
           Larry E. Fink, Hardin-Simmons University

Dorothy L. Sayers: an Exemplar for Lay Theology ,
           Christine Fletcher, Benedictine University

What’s in a Name? Clues to Understanding MacDonald’s Fairy Story Cross Purposes ,
           Marie K. Hammond

The Theme of Desire in the Writings of C.S. Lewis: Implications for Spiritual Formation ,
           Connie Hintz, Loyola University

C.S. Lewis on Friendship ,
           William L. Isley, Jr.

Goblinization: A Reading of the Colonial Subject, Degeneration and Marginalisation in The Princess and the Goblin (1872) and The Princess and Curdie (1883) by George MacDonald (1824-1905) ,
           Rachel Johnson, University of Worcester, UK

Collections and Collaboration: The University of Worcester Research Collections in Partnership with the International Research Centre for Children’s Literature, Literacy and Creativity ,
           Rachel Johnson, University of Worcester, UK

Flight Instructor for the Soul: C.S. Lewis's Vision of Human Freedom through an Imaginative Obedience ,
           Corey Kinna

The Abolition of Man in Retrospect ,
           Paul Michelson, Huntington University

Holding a Pistol to the Head of ‘Modern Man’: the Roots of G. K. Chesterton’s Spiritual Theology ,
           Robert Moore-Jumonville, Spring Arbor University

The Passions of C.S. Lewis as Seen in his Collected Letters,
           Jessica Shaver Renshaw

Analyzing the Faerie World as a Model for Christian Spirituality: an Interpretation of Spiritual Progression in George MacDonald's Fantasy Literature ,
           Jeffrey W. Smith, Southeastern University

Rags of Lordship: Tolkien, Lewis, and the Meaning of Myth ,
           John Stanifer, Indiana University Kokomo

George MacDonald and Oscar Wilde: Two Victorian Nonconformists ,
           Laura Stanifer, Undergraduate, Indiana University Kokomo

A Journey of Self-Actualization: a Psychological Perspective on Barfield's This Ever Diverse Pair ,
           Lincoln Stannard, Undergraduate, LeTourneau University

“Flesh knows what Spirit knows”: Mystical Substitution in Charles Williams’ Vision of Co-Inherence,
           Susan Wendling

The Riddle of Gollum: Was Tolkien Inspired by Old Norse Gold, the Jewish Golem, and the Christian Gospel? ,
           Woody Wendling, Temple University

“You Will Have No More Dreams; Have Children Instead:” Or, What’s a Nice Egalitarian Girl Like You Doing in a Book Like This? ,
           Jennifer L. Woodruff Tait, Asbury Theological Seminary

David Elginbrod as a Prototype of the Wingfold Trilogy in Connection with Coleridge and the Joan Drake Case, and its Influence upon Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes Stories ,
           Miho Yamaguchi, Kurume University and Kyushu University, Japan