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A Collection of Essays Presented at the Joint Meeting of

The Eighth Frances White Ewbank Colloquium on C.S. Lewis & Friends


The C.S. Lewis and the Inklings Society Conference


All papers © 2012 by the individual authors

C.S. Lewis’s Lost Arthurian Poem: A Conjectural Essay

   Joe R. Christopher, Tarleton University  


The Pedagogical Value of The Screwtape Letters for a New Generation

       Brenton Dickieson, University of Prince Edward Island  


Whimsy and Wisdom: Fairyland as a Window to Reality in the Fiction of Chesteron and MacDonald

        Jessica D. Dooley, alumna, Taylor University  


Ethics and Afterlife: The Moral Instruction of Thomas Aquinas and C.S. Lewis

        H. Dennis Fisher, RBC Ministries  


Gandalf and Merlin, Aragorn and Arthur: Tolkien’s Transmogrification of the Arthurian Tradition and Its Use as a Palimpsest for The Lord of the Rings

         Mark R. Hall, Oral Roberts University  


“Between Two Strange Hearts”: Spiritual Desolation in the Later Poetry of Gerard Manly Hopkins & Charles Williams

       Sørina Higgins & Rebecca Tirrell Talbot,
       Lehigh Carbon Community College & North Park University


Feminine Leadership: Spenser’s Britomart and Lewis’s Reason

        Jonathan Himes, John Brown University


C.S. Lewis as Tranformational Leader

        Crystal Hurd, East Tennessee State University  


Further Responses to Lewis’s ‘Lost Aeneid’

        Richard James  


The Wise Woman as an Agent of Identity in George MacDonald’s Story The Wise Woman

        Rachel Johnson, University of Worcester  


Casting Truth in and Imaginary World: The Intertwining of Reason and Imagination

        Sharon Kotapish, Bible translator/literary consultant in South Asia  


The Development of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Ideas on Fairy-stories

         Paul E. Michelson, Huntington University


“Take Away the Supernatural and What Remains is the Unnatural”: Power, Secularization, and G.K. Chesterton’s Villains

        J. Cameron Moore, Baylor University


The Necessity of the Terrible Good in the Works of C.S. Lewis and Charles Williams

        Kimberly Moore-Jumonville, Spring Arbor University


The Logic of Purgatory in C.S. Lewis: Why Spiritual Formation Makes Less Sense Without It

        Robert Moore-Jumonville, Spring Arbor University


Few Return to the Sunlit Lands: Lewis’s Classical Underworld in The Silver Chair

        Benita Huffman Muth, Macon State College  


“A Wild Hope”: Resurrection Bodies and Lewis’s The Last Battle

        Michael P. Muth, Wesleyan College


C.S. Lewis: An Overlooked 1963 Monograph by Roger Lancelyn Green

        William O’Flaherty  


Hidden Heroes in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings

        Jan Prewitt, Kendall College of Art and Design  


Father Knows Best: The Narrator’s Oral Performance as Paternal Protector in The Hobbit

        Anderson Rearick III, Mount Vernon Nazarene University  


A Meaningful Hierarchy: How C.S. Lewis Perceives Humanity’s Significance

       Zachary A. Rhone, Indiana University of Pennsylvania


Facts and Meanings: From Word to Myth

        David Rozema, University of Nebraska Kerney  


Through the Lens of The Four Loves: The Idea of Love in Till We Have Faces

      Paulette Sauders, Grace College  


A Prisoner’s Duty: The Sacred Role of Reading in the Christian Life

        John Stanifer, Indiana University of Kokomo  


Chaplain Stella Aldwinckle: A Biographical Sketch of the Spiritual Foundation of the Oxford University Socratic Club

        Jim Stockton, Boise State University  


C.S. Lewis and the Angelic Hierarchy

      Susan and Woody Wendling, New York C.S. Lewis Society  


A Speculative Meditation on Tolkien’s Sources for the Character Gollum

      Woody and  Susan Wendling, New York C.S. Lewis Society 


A Tryst with the Transcendentals: C.S. Lewis on Beauty, Truth, and Goodness Part II: Truth

     Donald T. Williams, Toccoa Falls College  


Nothing Can Come between God and You: Uncle Tom’s Cabin, George MacDonald and Shusaku Endo

        Miho Yamaguchi, Kurume University, Japan