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C.S. Lewis & Friends on:

Male and Female Identity


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             a copy of this paper is available in the Brown Collection (Zondervan 012)

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              available in print Zondervan Library

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Brown  820.9 F87w 
              Main Collection: 820.9 F87w

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              Brown 823.8 M14ZGC

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              Brown 823.912 L58HF

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              Brown 823.912 L58HG

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              Brown 823.912 L58HS

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              Brown 823.8M14H

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              Brown 828.9 L58P
              Main Collection: 828.9 L58P

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              Brown 241 L58
              Main Collection: 241 L58 HARV

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              Brown 201 L58
              Main Collection: 201 L58 

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               Brown 204 L58M
               Main Collection: 204 L58M

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               Brown 828.9 L58W
               Main Collection: 828.9 L58W

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               Brown 301.412 Sa99a
               Main Collection: 301.412 Sa99a

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               Brown 828 T57L
               Main Collection: 828.912 T57L

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               Brown 823.912 L58SS

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               full text @Taylor