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Zondervan Library Research Guides -- Resources for Projects

Choose your major or the subject of your class (Biology, Biblical Studies, Psychology, etc.) from the left menu to see what the Library has to offer for your research projects!  For example, if looking for Business, choose the Subjects A-C.

Has a Librarian met with your class and created a page with specific resources for a project? Look under the general subject (i.e., English for ENG courses) for the class page.

Don't forget to ask us if you have questions!

Use the below search box to search for resources listed on any page within the Research Guides section of the Library's web site.


Further Help in Finding Information

We've also included a page dedicated to more General Reference materials. This includes broad subjects, some statistical sources, world factbooks, and other links to free online information.

If you're interested in Copyright law, its implementation, and Fair Use in the academic environment, we've compiled a list of web resources that can be accessed at The Copyright Page.

To aid in the creation of Reference Lists, Bibliographies, and Works Cited pages, we've also produced the Citation Style Guide for your use.


Please direct your questions to any of the librarians. We're all able and willing to encourage and direct you in your research endeavors.

You can locate us using the Ask-A-Librarian page.


The Zondervan Library Research Guides were created and are maintained by Lana Wilson. Significant assistance in writing blurbs, finding images, and organizing the information included in these guides has come from Amanda Hatland, Katie O'Donnell, Christine Crosby, Peter Stevenson, and Cara Strickland.

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