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Designed for art students, this guide takes you through the Library’s resources to improve your research.

Library Guides

Library Guides


Guides are designed to give you general information about how to accomplish an assignment.

They come in two forms: "Research Tips" and "How To..."

Research Tips

Research Tips


There are four guides dedicated to research tips and strategies. You should look at these, as they contain information that will make your research process faster and easier. The topics include:

  • Searching Strategies for Websites & Databases
  • Evaluating Resources
  • Citation Tools
  • Interlibrary Loan

These topics will be summarized in shorter forms throughout the guide, but these pages go into more detail.

How to...

How To...


There are four guides on how to research and create different types of assignments. You won't necessarily need these four guides, but they are excellent reference if you need additional help. These include:

  • How To Write A Research Paper
  • How To Develop and Write A Speech
  • How To Write A Literature Review
  • How To Create A Powerpoint Presentation

They are general guides with videos and text, and should be used in conjunction with your assignment instructions, not in place of them.

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