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Higher Education (MAHE)

Offers a hand-picked selection of the best Library Tools for MAHE students in their courses and as they work on their theses.

Web Help for APA

These sites offer the extremely useful guidelines on APA style. You will want to use them often.

Please remember that MAHE department guidelines trump what other universities may require. Revisit your Thesis Handbook for MAHE specifics. 

Citations within Library Tools

Most Library tools have the capability of creating an APA citation immediately. Look around for icons or the word "Cite" in each tool. 

These tools easily create citations for you.

Zotero - Create Citations Quickly

Zotero is a free online tool that allows you to

  • collect citations from Library resources and the web
  • organize them by course or project, etc.
  • create citations individually or entire bibliographies at once
  • utilize a Word addon that ties Zotero and your paper/project together, citing directly from the software

The tool works with:

  • PCs
  • Macs

And is supported by the following browsers

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari

Over 8,000 citation styles are available to choose for your bibliography!

Find tons of help in their extensive Documentation section, including: