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I've got the Citation, now How do I Find the Article?

Armed with a citation, how do you go about locating the actual content?

This page will guide you through the process of getting access to citations you find in other bibliographies, reference lists, and sometimes randomly through Web searches.

Using the Journal Finder

Plug in the Journal Title from the citation into the Journal Finder (linked below). 

Sample Citation:
Shutt, M. D., Garrett, J., Lynch, J. W., & Dean, L. A. (2012). An Assessment Model as Best Practice in Student Affairs. Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice49(1), 65-82.

Enter: Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice

Journal Finder result

This item is in print in the Library. See the Ask desk for help locating it.

Another option: Access online

Sample Citation: Kattner, T. (2011). Responding Legally to Concerning Student Behaviors. Student Affairs Leader, 39(13), 3.

         Search "Student Affairs Leader" in the Journal Finder.

Journal Finder result-online access

This title is available from two databases. Click either link to access the dates listed under "Coverage".