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SED 220 - Exceptional Children

This guide is designed to assist you in locating the sources needed for the literature review assignment.

The Assignment

You will write two well-researched papers.

 Exceptionality Paper:

·         Select a specific exceptionality to research and write a 2 page paper.

·         Explain the typical characteristics and how it can impact individuals over a life time.

·         Explain how learning may be impacted by the exceptionality (positive and negative aspects).

·         Explain how home life may be impacted with a member who has the exceptionality (positive and negative aspects).

 Formal Paper:

·         Research and select two instructional strategies that have proven to be appropriate for students with exceptionalities.

·         Instructional strategies need to be evidence-based practices for the selected exceptionality in the first paper.

·         Write a well-researched 3-5 page paper that will synthesize your learning from the course and assignments. 

 Exceptionality and Formal Papers Guidelines:

You will need at least 2 research-based articles that have been written within the last seven years (or approval from instructor) for each of the (Exceptionalities and TU Formal) papers. Your text or books do not count as part of the 2 research-based articles.

·         Use APA for all in-text citations, cover page, and reference page.

·         The paper will need to be double spaced, 1 inch margin, 12 Times Roman Font. Please see the rubric in syllabus.

·         The Schedule Chart below contains the due dates. 

·         Submit the two papers electronically into Blackboard.


Exceptionalities Paper

TU Formal Paper

2 Research-based journal articles on a specific exceptionality. All criteria from above are included and aligns with the exceptionality.

2 Research-based journal article on 2 different instructional approaches proven to be effective for the exceptionality.


Key points from the exceptionality paper with the 2 references included.


Biblical perspective using APA form for citations.


Summarized and explained instructional approaches.

Articles need to be summarized and applied to the paper’s content.

Explain your education major and how knowledge from course and researched for the two papers will impact your professional practice.

Professional implications

Total of 4 research-based articles (2 are from the Exceptionalities paper)















Handout and Papers Roundtable Presentation

·         Prepare a 10 minutes roundtable presentation and discussion that engages the class.

·         Prepare appropriate materials to use in during the presentation that outlines your research thesis and key findings.

·         Presentation needs to include a short discussion with question(s) or scenario prompts for the audience.

·         Make all materials visually professional and interesting.


 Professional Journals:

·         Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis

·         Journal of Learning Disabilities

·         Journal of Teaching and Special Education

·         Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)

·         Journal of Special Education

Law Presentation:

 You will work in a group to present to the class a 10 - 15 minute mini lesson on three significant case laws that has shaped special education to be what it is today. You will be provided with a menu to choose from for this assignment.

 ·      Presentation will include information on each of the case laws.

·      Presentation will include an explanation of the legal aspects.

·      Presentation will include how the outcome(s) has shaped the field of education.