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SUS 200 / 231 - Environment Science...

This guide provides information resources to support the Environment Science class and assignments.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a powerful tool for finding journal articles and much gray literature.

Here are a few Google searching tips: (for all Google searching: Web, Scholar, Books)

   - Boolean searching
   " ... " =  exact phrase
OR  = "or"
        -   = "not"

        A space between words implies AND -- except when you use one of the operators above.

   - Any Date (including Custom range) - to limit by year or range of years

   - Cite - to generate a citation

   - Cited by -- to see other resources that have cited the referenced item

   - Full-text is often linked -- note the URLs to the right of the citation

See Advanced Search in Google Scholar with the pull down at the search box.

Useful Databases

A search example searching multiple databases

This is a search on sustainab* AND agricultur* (occuring in titles, abstracts and subject headings) that searches in several databases simulteneously: Academic Search, Green File, EBSCO eBooks and Science Reference Center.

To select databases for simultaneous searching, click on "Choose Databases" at the top of the EBSCOhost search box.

(You can also follow the link to the search above and enter your own topic keywords.)

You can add other terms to the search to find more specific articles. For example, you might add other the search terms to the search limiting their occurrence to the Abstract.


Search tips and examples

Combined Search in Academic Search Premier AND Greenfile:

SU (biomass OR "renewable energy" ) AND TI (policy OR policies OR polic*)  


Developing your search strategy:

   - Use the "Subjects" to discover relevant terms (subject headings)

   - Employ those terms and possibly variations in a Google Scholar search

Using Limiters in Academic Search Premier and GreenFILE

   - Date
   - Academic article
   - Peer-reviewed
   - Term field limiters

Academic Search Premier and GreenFILE (EBSCOhost) capabilities:

   - Cite
   - Save / email citations
   - Save / email search strategies (or copy "Permalink")

Google Scholar search:

agroecology policy OR policies -book

  OR = or
  "..." = phrase search
  Cited by...