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FMP 350 - Media Theory and Ethics

This guide provides resources to support the Media Theory and Ethics course and assignments.

A Place to Start: Suggestions

Step 1:  Develop a research question. Be as specific as possible. Example: 

Should companies like Facebook be allowed to secretly experiment on their users?

From a yes or no question to...

How should one respond to changing privacy issues related to Facebook's experimentation on user's personal information?

Step 2: Highlight or list key words within the body of the question. 

Step 3: Find a good overview of the topic. Librarians are happy to help you find one. (This does not mean looking at journal articles.) Background information may be found in textbooks or reference resources such as CREDO or Gale Virtual Reference as well as the print sources listed in this guide. Some helpful print sources are listed.

Step 4: Create or revise a research question with multiple points of view. You are not writing a report that can be answered by searching one specific source. A good research question looks at a variety of sources and a variety of points of view. 


This YouTube video give a framework for higher order thinking and evaluating sources to use.

60 Minutes: How Fake News Becomes A Popular, Trending Topic

Online Reference Resources

Background Sources