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SWK 451 - Social Work Process & Practice III

This guide provides information resources to support the Social Work Process & Practice III project.

The Assignment

Students will research on Human Rights issues nationally and internationally and will write a research paper based on their findings (bodies of human rights nationally and globally and what would be their level of involvement if any).  Students, working in groups, will execute the project together (CT Skill Problem Solving Model) to complete this project.

  • Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills to expand and actualize their vision of wholeness to self, others, community and society.
  • Students will holistically integrate theory, practice, beliefs and values while recognizing and responding to human systems in need.
  • Students will have a comprehensive understanding of social justice issues. 
  • Human Rights Paper   10%

SWK 451 Social Work Process and Practice

This guide is designed to point you to library resources and to give you a place to begin your research specifically for this class and project.

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