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PSY 100 - Intro to Psychology

THis guide is designed to provide resources, tools and strategies for completing your research assignment successfully

Introduction to Finding Articles

This page is designed to direct you to resources and tips to assist you in locating the most helpful articles from psychology related databases.

Keep in mind your research topic may well cross over into other disciplines so that locating articles in databases other than PsychInfo may yield useful results. 

Most topics will be found using PsychInfo but be aware that medical databases such as Medline/PubMed; ERIC for education; or SocINDEX for social psychology will also provide additonal useful results.

Research Strategies: Boolean

1. Start with the words that are familiar to you. If your research topic is: What does the recent literature suggest regarding the correlation between concussion/brain damage in (American) football (not soccer) and cognition your possible search terms might be:

  • Concussion
  • Football
  • Cognition

Each of these terms is entered into separate search boxes on the database search screen -- one concept per line

AND   Football
AND      Cognition

But this search may not and probably will not yield the best results. There are two things you can do to make your search more precise: determine additional synonyms or related terms. Often these are more specific and use the language of the profession. You can add these additional terms and join them in the same subject line.

     Concussion OR "brain concussion" OR "second impact syndrome" OR "brain damage" OR "brain trauma" OR "intracranial injury"
 AND  Football
 AND Cognition OR Learning
 NOT     Soccer

You should know that there are three Boolean operators:

AND--each of the words or terms must be in the record, AND reduces the number of results.

OR--increases the size of the set you are searching.

NOT--excludes a particular word or concept from the search. 


Most Useful Psychology Databases

Other Useful Databases