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BIB 110 - Biblical Literature 1 (Pak)

This guide provides resources to support the BIB 110 course and assignments.

Boolean Operators

By using these connectors when employing library searches you will achieve the best results.

  • AND
    This will narrow your search to include all terms that are connected with AND. For example, 

    drunkenness AND Noah

    requires that both terms be present in the title, abstract, or keywords of a citation.
  • OR
    This broadens your search to include more options based on your search terms.
    drunkenness OR wine

    Either term must be present in the title, abstract, or keywords assigned to a citation.
  • NOT
    This excludes a term from a search and thus helps you narrow your search results. You may find that a search may be too broad or not related to what you are seeking. The NOT operator excludes a term from the search results.

    For example: drunkenness NOT new testament