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BIB 110 - Biblical Literature 1 (Pak)

This guide provides resources to support the BIB 110 course and assignments.

What is a...

...Bible Commentary

  • Provides explanation and interpretation of the Bible, typically by book, chapter and verse.

Bible Hub ( is one online source that combines several kinds of sources for studying the Bible. The commentaries included in Bible Hub provide one searchable site for many resources, versions,and study guides. Note that many of the commentaries are several years old, out of copyright, and do not reflect current scholarship. For contemporary analysis of a passage or theme you should use other sources beyond this one.

Bible Gateway ( also has a selection of Bible Commentaries.

Searching for Commentaries

Zondervan Library has over 2,500 Bible commentaries that you may chose from for your assignment. 

Commentaries may cover one book of the Bible, several books (e.g. gospels, prophets, epistles, etc.) or all books of the Bible in one volume or set. 

Finding commentaries is actually pretty easy. Searching for commentaries will be demonstrated in class. You might also preview the video produced by Northwestern.

In World Cat Research Station you can enter the search: bible genesis commentaries (or change genesis to any book of the Bible.) to find commentaries on the specific passage you have chosen.

Commentaries located on the second level are available for you to check out. Commentaries located in the Reference area on the main level are to be used in Zondervan LIbrary.

Note that each book of the Bible has a unique number and most of them are generally arranged in the same order where found in the Bible. 

The readership level of commentaries varies from the very scholarly, well-researched ones to others that are designed for the lay person with non-academic language. 

Write Down Call Numbers

How to Use Bible Commentaries: Northwestern College video