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BIB 110 - Biblical Literature 1 (Pak)

This guide provides resources to support the BIB 110 course and assignments.

Citation Guidelines for Biblical Studies

You may find that individual professors require different citation styles. It's hard to keep on top of all of the details.

Zotero, an online citation management tool, enables you to cite in as many different styles as your professors require, from APA to Chicago to MLA to Turabian. 

Your citation task will be easier, though you remain fully responsible for the accuracy of the citations. Reviewing the guidelines in the style handbooks and manuals is always a good idea.

Citations within Library Tools

Most Library tools have the capability of creating an MLA or APA citation immediately. Look around for icons or the word "Cite" in each tool. These tools easily create citations for you.


Zotero is a bibliographic manager and may become your new best friend. It captures all the citations you identify and allows you to organize them into folders, so that you can work on one project for one course at a time. In seconds, it will create a list of references that will hopefully require minimal modifications to be 100% MLA/APA compliant. Ask for more information and help getting your Zotero account set up at the ASK desk.