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CAS 120 - Interpersonal Communication (Johnson)

This guide provides resources to support the CAS 120 course and assignments.

Information Cycles

Infographic of Infomation Cycle

Information Cycle Infographic

Should I Use Wikipedia?

The temptation to use Wikipedia is a strong one. This YouTube video give a framework for higher order thinking regarding the sources to use. It challenges us to think carefully about oall of our choices.

60 Minutes: How Fake News Becomes A Popular, Trending Topic

Make a Concept Map

Image result for knitting

If my topic were the importance of the art and craft of knitting as social history of community life comparing war and peace time, I would develop a concept map of my topic. Here is an example.

Kinds of Sources to Use by Format

1.  One of the first things to think about is what are the kinds of sources to use in writing a research paper?

  • Reference/background sources
  • Books or e-books
  • Articles: academic journals
  • Articles: non-scholarly, popular magazines, newspapers
  • Statistics or other supporting materials

Start with Zondervan Library tools and resources. Why? These will steer you to solid research on your topic. This guide will point to finding all of these formats.