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SWK 200 - Explorations in Social Work

This guide provides information resources to support the Explorations in Social Work assignments.

Choosing a Topic

Here are some general topics:

  • Gender differences 
  • Social cognition, identity, and/or selfhood
  • Social and personal relationships
  • Family systems
  • Poverty
  • Conflict and conflict resolution
  • Intergenerational / issues of aging populations
  • Fear and apprehension
  • Group Behavior

Ways to narrow your topic:

  • By population: children, or elderly
  • By location: rural, suburban, urban
  • By time: research since 1990
  • Compare/contrast: UK vs US, Canada vs US, 
  • By a particular social work standard: 
  •          Advocacy for [x]
  •          Interventions for [x]

NASW Standards 

Questions to Consider in Choosing a Topic

Consider these questions:

  • What subjects or ideas interest you?
  • What kinds of life experience do you have?
  • What kinds of issues have affected you or people you care about?
  • Do you have a passion about an idea, a question, a subject? How can you explain or describe it such that others might be passionate about it as well?
  • Does your subject have an edge? Does the topic have passionate supporters and opponents as well as being logical and reasonaable. Is it debatable. Is it an unsolved problem?.

These questions may generate ideas. Next brainstorm. Which topics are most worthy of your time? Why is your topic significant? What angle might you take to fulfill the requirement: informative, persuasive, etc. Consider making your topic specific. For example:

What parts of Obama-care are working? What are the effects on people who previously had no health care benefits? 

Avoid over-done topics. When you are narrowing your topic choices, try to choose something fresh and interesting.