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PSY 240 - Child Psychology

This guide provides information resources to support the Child Psychology class and assignments.

How to Evaluate Information

Here is an easy way to remember what to look for when evaluating the information that you find. These questions will help you assess what you might find most useful.

CARS: Credibility, Accuracy, Reasonableness, Support

Credibility. Is this source trustworthy? What are the author’s credentials? Is he or she known or a respected authority on this topic?  Is there evidence of quality control?   Goal: an authoritative source, a source that supplies some good evidence that allows you to trust it.

Accuracy. Is the informatio up to date, factual, detailed, exact, comprehensive? What is the intended audience and purpose? Does it reflect intentions of completeness and accuracy. Goal: a source that is correct today (not yesterday), a source that gives the whole truth.

Reasonableness.  Is the presentation fair, balanced, objective, reasoned? Can you find that the author has no conflict of interest? Is there an absence of fallacies or slanted tone. Goal: a source that engages the subject thoughtfully and reasonably, concerned with the truth.

Support:  Does this information provide background sources or references? Is there contact information for the author? Are claims supported, documentated and corroborated?. Goal: a source that provides convincing evidence for the claims made, a source you can triangulate (that is are you able to find at least two other sources (non web) that support it). 

taken from VIrtual Salt. Robert Harris

Web Resources

Your assignment requires five primary sources. While there are primary sources available freely on the Web, in order to find ones that meet the expectation of your professor, you would have to go through numerous steps to evaluating the quality of the information you find. Using databases demonstrated in class will save you the time because articles included in proprietary databases have already been vetted. For that reason there are no posted links to websites. Certainly there are many but not germane to the requirements of your assignment. If you have questions feel free to contact your instructor or me.