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PSY 240 - Child Psychology

This guide provides information resources to support the Child Psychology class and assignments.

Awesome Power Point Presentations

Purdue OWL Designing Effective Power Point Presentations

Purdue OWL is a great resource for understanding proper citation formats: MLA, APA, Turabian, etc. But it also gives tips on creating power point presentations. Use OWL or the other resources on this page for suggestions on organization and creation of your Power Point.

Designing an Effective PowerPoint Presentation: Quick Guide

Pair Presentations: the assignment

Pair Presentations: 

In order for you to gain insight into the field of psychology and human interactions, you will research a topic from one of the chapters to present in class with a partner.  The material presented should be different from or expand on content found in the textbook.  The research requires obtaining information from at least five primary sources, preferably published within the last ten years. 


Presentations must be 8-10 min. in length and can either be informative or persuasive.  You will be evaluated on clarity, accuracy, thoroughness, organization, and effective use of verbal and non-verbal skills.  In addition to the oral presentation, a written copy of your outline, notes, or power point must be posted to Blackboard with an annotated bibliography which summarizes each source in APA format.  Further instructions will be given in class.


Half of the grade for this assignment will come from the instructor.  The other half of the grade will come from peer evaluations which will be averaged.  For full credit each person (not pair) must post the written portion to Bb before class on your presentation date.  

Power Point Presentations: tutorial