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ENG 110 (Dr. King)

This guide provides resources to support the ENG 110 class and assignments.

Statistical Sources: outside links

There are some excellent statistical sources both print and web. Here are some suggestions:

  • Statista (found on the links to articles page)
  • Statistical Abstracts of the United States: REF 317 Un 4  Note: individual tables are also accessible through Google but sometimes are tricky to identify and may not be the most current information.)
  • Pew Research Center:
  • Gallup Research Polls--Public Opinion: REF 301.1543  Note: Lexis/Nexis Database also has access to Gallup Poll News Service. You can search specifically by that title.
  • Web sites of reputable national or international organizations will often provide statistical data. For example: World Health Organization: 

 Using Library tools and resources you are assured of reliable content and solidly researched statistics.