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CAS 110/120 - Public Speaking / Interpersonal Communication

This guide provides resources to help support the CAS 110/120 course and assignments.

Course Assignment

Course Assignment

Assignment Details

Assignment Details

Course Assignment 1

With a partner create a Word document. Using the Library Tools outlined in class, available on this Research Guide or the Zondervan Library web site ( locate each of the following:

  • 1 peer-reviewed/scholarly/academic article (6 pts)
  • 1 magazine article or report (6 pts)
  • 1 newspaper article (6 pts)
  • 1 statistical source (6 pts)
  • 1 book (in the Library or that must be borrowed through ILL) (6 pts)

For each item above you must list these three things:

  •  the Library database/resource you selected
  •  the search terms you used (including any of the tips illustrated in class)
  •  the process you went through to identify each source (e.g., We narrowed the results list of 450 by limiting the date to 2010 to present, the type of source to Academic Journal, and Full-Text items only).

 If you are unable to find any type of source, explain methods you tried and why your search was unsuccessful.

You will miss 3 points for each item that does not match the category to which you assign it (e.g., a magazine article will not be accepted as an academic article).

You will miss all 6 points if items for that category are easily accessible. If you have trouble locating an item in class ASK FOR HELP.

Each item must be cited correctly in MLA Style. You will miss 3 points for each item that does not have proper MLA Style formatting.  Each item will be assessed for relevance, and you may lose points if the sources cited bear little to no relevance to your assigned topic. (See the "Citation Styles & Tools" page of this guide to learn MLA style citations.)

This assignment will be discussed in class and must be turned in at the conclusion of class for the points to be recorded.

BE SURE that each student’s name is noted on the assignment document you turn in for full credit. 

Examples will be given in class.

Groups & Topics

Groups & Topics

groups and topics

Group one: What/How much should one disclose to another person at the first meeting? Party? First date? On an airplane? Etc.

Group two:  Why do people fear public speaking?

Group three: Should laws be enacted that completely ban cell phone use (talking, texts messages, etc) for anyone who is driving a vehicle. Would enforcement of a law of this kind prevent accidents and death?

Group four: What are skills for listening well?

Group five: What's wrong with swearing? Is it ever appropriate?

Group six: What are differences in gender communication styles in the workplace?

Group seven: How do infants learn to speak?

Group eight: How do twins communicate that is different than other siblings?

Speech Writing

Speech Writing

assignment walkthrough

The next two pages of the guide take you through choosing a speech topic and researching your selected topic.

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