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CMI 242 - Psychological & Educational Foundations for Christian Ministries

This guide provides resources to help support the CMI 242 course and assignments.

Course Assignment

Course Assignment

Assignment Details

Assignment Details 1

The Research Paper Assignment

CMI 242 Research Paper

Product:  8-10 page paper in correct MLA style that focuses on one topic related to the psychological and or educational foundations for Christian educational ministry.

Purpose: This assignment is designed to provide you with the opportunity to explore a topic that is of particular interest to you and to practice research, critical thinking and writing skills.  This is a preliminary preparation assignment for your final philosophy of ministry paper you will write in CED 421 during your senior year.

ParametersRefined topic that focuses on a specific age/geographic/ethnic group and references at least one specific theoretical framework.

  • 7-8 sources in your works cited list
  • No more than 3 on-line sources
  • At least 4 journal articles
  • Correct MLA documentation style
  • Your audience is a group of volunteer professional adults who are part of your ministry team.
  • You will work with a writing center tutor to refine your final draft.

Possible topics:  (There are hundreds of possible topics!  These are offered to stimulate your thinking)

  • Effective story-telling and faith development
  • Mentoring as a means of shaping faith
  • Moral development during college years
  • Character development in children
  • Jerome Berryman and Godly Play
  • A problem solving approach to effective learning
  • Senior adult ministry
  • An experiential approach to youth ministry
  • The role of apologetics in faith development
  • Emerging trends in contemporary youth ministry
  • Developing a Christian response to depression
  • The role of silence in the educational process and spiritual formation
  • Children and conversion
  • Young adults and  identity formation
  • The role of lectio divina in spiritual formation of adolescents
  • The strengths and limitations of a generational approach to programming in the church
  • Maintaining a focus on the soul while pursuing social justice
  • Models of Reconciliation in church ministry
  • Analysis of the emergent church movement
  • The role of mission and service in spiritual nurture.
  • Small groups as a means of  nurturing faith
  • Cooperation vs. competition in the church
  • Single adults and the church
  • Children in crisis
  • Incorporating the arts into your ministry setting


Step #1    Choose a topic and find 3 research articles about your topic.  Write research article synopses. 

Step #2    Create your research paper proposal. * This formal proposal should describe your topic and the theoretical construct you are planning to explore. Please describe your goal for this paper and the preliminary questions that you hope to answer in your research.   Include a beginning annotated bibliography of at least 10 sources.  This proposal should be typed and will be worth 20 points.  You will determine your due dates.

Step #3    Complete research and write your detailed sentence outline.  (30 points) *

Step #4    Write your final paper with attention to revisions and take your paper to the writing center before you turn it in. 


* Please refer to the syllabus for assignment due dates.

Assignment Details

How to Choose a Topic and Write a Research Paper


The next page outlines the process of how to select a topic and write a research paper. 

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