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C.S. Lewis & Friends


C.S. Lewis & Friends Research Guide

C.S. Lewis gathered around him a group of Christian scholars and thinkers known as The Inklings. They wrote about and discussed many current ideas and problems. Some of these ideas and problems are not limited by time and they are still with us today.




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                Brown 820.9382 R43M
                Main Collection: 820.9382 R43M

Lewis, C. S., and Walter Hooper. “Petitionary Prayer: A Problem Without An Answer” Christian Reflections. Grand Rapids: W.B. Eerdmans Pub., 1967. Print.
                Brown 208.1 L58
                Main Collection 208.1 L58

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                 Brown 248.3 L58
                 Main Collection: 248.3 L58

MacDonald, George. “The World of Jesus on Prayer” Unspoken Sermons, Series II. Eureka, CA: J. Joseph Flynn Rare in Association with Sunrise, 1989. Print.
                 Full Text @ Taylor