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The Center for the Study of C. S. Lewis & Friends: Undergraduate Students

The Lewis Center promotes the integration of faith, scholarship, and the imagination as modeled by a group of British writers we identify as “C.S. Lewis and Friends.”

Heading Undergraduate Students

undergraduate students


Undergraduate Students

YOUNG INKLINGS UNDERGRADUATE PRECONFERENCE: For the first time in our history, and as part of our mission to identify and support the next generation of friends, the Colloquium will feature a Preconference especially for "Young Inklings" on June 3-4. Undergraduate students will have the opportunity to attend special lectures and participate in workshops with leading scholars, as well as to present their own scholarly and creative work. Undergraduate work must be submitted to the student writings contests (see below) in order to be considered for presentation at either the Preconference and/or the Colloquium. 

The Complete Undergraduate Student registration package will include lodging, meals, and registration for the Preconference events as well as the main Conference. Students attending the Preconference are expected to participate in the main Conference as well. The Preconference is anticipated to begin at 1:00PM on Wednesday, June 3 and conclude after lunch on Thursday, June 4 (when the main Conference begins). Register now, and don't miss this exclusive opportunity. Space is limited!

STUDENT ESSAY CONTEST & STUDENT CREATIVE WRITING CONTEST: Currently enrolled undergraduate students (including May 2020 graduates) may enter the Student Essay Contest and the Student Creative Writing Contest. Submissions should be between five and ten double-spaced pages (excluding Works Cited). Winners will present their work at the Colloquium and will receive free registration, room, and board. First-place winners will receive a cash prize as well. Deadline for Student Essay and Student Creative Writing Contest is March 31, 2020. 

Student Essay Contest: Submit a complete critical essay on the work of C. S. Lewis and/or his circle (broadly defined), including J.R.R. Tolkien, Dorothy L. Sayers, George MacDonald, Owen Barfield, G. K. ChestertonCharles Williams, and others. We are especially interested in submissions related to the conference theme (see Submit a Proposal for additional information on the theme).  

Student Creative Writing Contest:: Submit creative writing (poetry, prose, drama, creative non-fiction, graphic novels, screenplays, etc.). The submission should show familiarity with and influence by (or response to) the works of C. S. Lewis and his circle (broadly defined). 

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