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ENG 110 - College Composition

This guide provides resources to support the College Composition course and assignments.

Course Assignment

Course Assignment

Assignment Details

Major Components of the Research Process

Expected Outcomes

As you engage in the research process, you will encounter the following major components.  

Though the order may differ from what's listed below, these are vital pieces of conducting sound research. 

  • Select Topic
  • Ask Questions / Inquiry
  • Conduct Preliminary Research
  • Gather & Evaluate Sources
  • Freewrite
  • Build Works Cited page
  • Complete Draft
  • Workshop Draft for Structure & Voice
  • Revise & Refine Draft
  • Finalize Paper for Submission

Assignment Details

Starting the Research Process

Visualizing Your Process

Visualizing Your Process

The major components fit into the process outlined below, which indicates that the process is not linear. You may find a few sources and interpret them, only to develop new questions which lead to other sources, etc. 

The Inquiry Process; 4 steps

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Assignment Details

Research Prep and Searching for Sources

How Do I Prepare for Gathering Sources?

Step 1

  • Start by developing a Research Question that requires an answer more complex than a simple yes / no.

Sample research question


Step 2

  • First, pull out the most important keywords from your question. From above: Syria, migrant, crisis, challenge, immigration policies
  • Next, determine what related terms you can use while searching, before you actually need them, so you don't get stalled as you begin.

Some terms will work more effectively in certain databases and not in others, which is why developing this list is key prior to beginning the search process.
Brainstorming keywords before searching

What Kinds of Sources Do I Need?

Professors require different kinds of sources for each research project. Be sure you understand what's expected for your particular assignment. These are potential options, among others not listed.

Source Types Examples

How Do I Think About Research?

Questions to pose as you research

Image adapted from under a  Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License


For further information on common research projects, visit the "Gudies" page on this course guide.

Evaluating Sources

Evaluating Sources


The CARS evaluation rubric found under Guides > Evaluating Resources is a good choice for assessing whether or not to use a web site, an article, or any kind of resource that you find. We're also including the CRAAP checklist below for further questions to ask before selecting your sources.

CRAAP Checklist

Image result for craap test


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