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HIS 124 - History of the United States to 1877

Course Assignment

Books on U.S. History


Zondervan houses a large number of history resources that may contribute to your topic. Please peruse the list of books found below and find them on the Upper level of the Library.

Note that most of these are located in the call number range of 973, which is designated for United States History. Feel free to browse the 973s in the Reference and Main Collections to find the books we have available across the range of American History.

Search WorldCat Research Station for more books on your topic; see the Secondary Sources page of this guide for more details.

Books in ZL on US History

Books to Find

Reference Book List

Reference Collection (Upper level)

These titles cannot be checked out, but you are free to use them anywhere in the Library.

  • Annals of America (18 vols.)
    Reference 973 An72
  • Daily Life through American History (primary documents) (4 vols.)
    Reference 973 D143m
  • 100 Key Documents in American Democracy
    Reference 973 D58o
  • Encyclopedia of American Cultural and Intellectual History (3 vols.)
    Reference 973.03 E19

Main Collection Books

Main Collection (Upper level)

These titles and so many more on related topics can be checked out for the typical 3-week loan period.

  • The History of the United States of America (6 vols.)
    Main 973 H54
  • Colonial Period of American History (4 vols.)
    Main 973.2 An2c
  • American Colonies in the 18th Century (4 vols.)
    Main 973.2 O53
  • Papers of the Continental Congress (5 vols.)
    Main 973.312 B97p
  • The Republic of Letters (3 vols.)
    Main 973.4 J35r
  • War of the Rebellion: The Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies (many vols.)
    Main 973.7 W19
  • The Confederate States of America, 1861-1865 
    Main 973.713 C83
  • Papers of Jefferson Davis
    Main 973.713 D294p
  • Voices of the Civil War series
    Main 973.73
  • A Rebel War Clerk's Diary 
    Main 973.782

Searching WorldCat

Searching WorldCat

Searching WorldCat Images

Begin by typing in search terms. 

  • Related terms can be connected with OR to search both at one time.
  • Major concepts of your topic can been connected with AND.
  • Save time searching by using an asterisk. The (*) on [immigra* AND polic*] will look for any number of endings for those root words.

    immigra* = immigrant, immigration

    polic* = policy, policies

Results list for WorldCat book search

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