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HIS 130 - Introduction to History

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan

Have you ever found a book or resource you wanted to use for a paper but Zondervan Library did not have it?

Interlibrary Loan is a great tool that allows you to request books and articles that Zondervan Library can borrow from other libraries.

There are a few differences between requesting books and articles, both processes are outlined below.

Request a Book

Request a Book

Ordering Books ILLaid

1. Sign Up for an ILLiad Account

Sign up for an ILLiad account here.

This link can also be found on the Zondervan Library home page under Interlibrary Loan.

2. Search for the Book using WorldCat Research Station


Letters of Washington and Lafayette. 1899.

3. Use WorldCat's Check Availability option to identify another Library with this title

Click on the title of the book, then look for the "Check Availability" bar to view where this title is located. Look for Libraries Worldwide. Immediately below this is a purple button saying: Request Item through Interlibrary Loan.

4. Place Your Request

Once clicked, the button takes you to your ILLiad account. Log in to ILLiad using your Taylor username/password. The information on this record should automatically fill in the request form. Scroll down to the bottom of the form and click Submit Request.


Request an Article

Request an Article

Ordering Articles ILLiad

1. Sign Up for an ILLiad Account

Sign up for an ILLiad account here.

This link can also be found on the Zondervan Library home page under Interlibrary Loan.

2. Search for the Specific Article in Database

Example using America: History & Life:

Article Title: Adversary and Ally: The Role of Weather in the Life and Career of George Washington. Author: Cameron Boutin. Journal Title: Journal of Military History. Date: July 2017. Volume 81, Issue 3, Pages 693-718. 

3. Check to See if it is in Another Zondervan Library Database

Cut and paste the complete journal title into Journal Finder located on the main Zondervan Library page.

The Journal Finder will verify that we do or do not own the title in full text in another ZL database or in print. This is an essential step that saves time.

If Zondervan Library owns or has access to the item in full-text form, it will not be delivered to you through your ILLiad account. The Interlibrary Loan department may inform you by email that we have access to it, as a courtesy to you, but this is not guaranteed. 

4. Send Request

If Zondervan Library does not have the article, please submit an ILLiad Request. Use the easy-to-find link to interlibrary loan below, which you will find in most EBSCOhost databases:  External Link Icon Borrow this item from another library (Interlibrary Loan)

Clicking the link will import most of the necessary information into an ILLiad form. Verify all fields are completed (including Journal Title and page numbers) and then submit the request.


You do not need to pay for any article directly from a publisher. Zondervan is usually able to obtain the item from a college or university for free. In some cases we can purchase on-demand articles as you need them. Let us find it for you!


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