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Citation Tools

Citation Tools

Citation Tools Zotero

You may be directed to use different citation styles for different professors. The tool we recommend is a free, online citation manager called Zotero. If you are having difficulties with the tool, scroll down to the bottom of this page to find troubleshooting tips or contact Lana Wilson (see email link in the lower left column).

Additionally, for help in citing properly you may wish to visit OWL - Purdue Online Writing Lab, an incredible online resource with tons of examples of citations in the major citation styles.



Zotero Tutorial

1) What is Zotero? 

Zotero [zoh-TAIR-oh] is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources. Essentially, Zotero allows you to cite sources in papers properly and then create a list of references once a paper is complete. 

2) What are the benefits of Zotero?’s free! It’s simple (after you get the hang of it). It’s multi-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux). And it backs up your data, if you register and link your account.

3) How do you install it?

Visit their web site,, go to the Download page and download BOTH the software and the browser connector (Chrome and Firefox work best, but there is also one for Safari).

You may need to restart your browser and your word processor (e.g., Microsoft Word) in order for the appropriate connections to work.

While you're on their web site, create an account by registering. This enables your library of citations to have a backup, in case your computer crashes. (Just do won't regret it.)

See Zotero's Quick-Start Guide in their incredibly helpful Documentation area.

4) So, how do you use it?

View this self-paced, Google Slides tutorial, created by Wake Forest Librarians to get started.

Prefer videos? Select the help you need from this list of Zotero video tutorials created at Fielding Graduate University's Library.

Or download the PDF guides at the bottom of this page.

At any time, please contact Lana Wilson with questions or to get a brief in-person tutorial. 

5) Limitations of Zotero

Not 100% accurate - you need to double-check the citations before submitting assignments! 

Doesn’t teach students much about APA, MLA, or the other citations styles.





1) Make sure the Zotero software is open on your computer before you try to save any citations with the connector.

2) Make sure Zotero is open when you are trying to cite materials in a Word document using the Zotero add-on.

3) Contact Lana for more help (email link in the left menu).

Downloadable Zotero Docs

Zotero Tips (PDFs)

Zotero Guide for ZL (2018)

Zotero Advanced Guide for ZL (2018)

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