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Irish Studies Program

Welcome to the [Course] Course Guide

Welcome to the Irish Studies Program Guide


This guide has been specifically created to support you as you study abroad in Ireland.

Here you will identify resources to search, learn about primary sources and where to find them, and discover quick ways to get the best results. 


  Secondary Sources       Primary Sources

bookCitation tools

Library links

Connect with Zondervan Library's web site.

Review the rest of this guide for links to specific, relevant resources for your studies during your semester abroad.

Locating Physical Resources

Using Zondervan Library Databases from Anywhere in the World

Understanding Databases

Regardless of where you are on the globe, you can use Zondervan Library (ZL) databases. This guide and/or the Library's web site will point you in the direction of accessing hundreds of thousands of resources through our online content.

The one extra step that happens when using ZL resources off campus is that when you click a database link, you will be directed to sign in to something called CAS with your TU username/password. Signing in allows you seamless access to all of our online subscription content as if you were on campus. It's simple!

Databases to which ZL subscribes have distinctive differences from free search engines such as Google or Google Scholar. A database, generally, is a collection of information organized to provide efficient retrieval of subject matter, specifically scholarly subject matter. They tend to be narrower in scope than Google or Google Scholar. In this case, narrower is a good thing as it focuses your research within a discipline, offering more relevant search results more quickly. 

Prominent features of such databases generally include:

  • Cover specific discipline area/s.
  • Include academic (peer-reviewed) articles from journals or magazines, eBooks, newspapers, images, and research-related resources.
  • Provide citation information or full text to what may be included in the text of the article (a works cited or bibliography.)
  • Are subscriptions for which Zondervan Library pays. Whereas Google is free, most databases cost thousands of dollars per year.

ZL subscribes to over 100 research databases that contain journal, magazine, and newspaper articles on both general and specific disciplines. You can access them all on the A-Z Databases page. There are pros and cons for each tool. Awareness of the content, organization, and precision of search capabilities of the most common ones can save you time and yield the most appropriate and relevant results. See the Search Strategies page under the Guides section of this site for more information on efficient searching.

For more information see What is a library database? (Western Oregon University)




How can I utilize a Librarian while studying abroad? 

Though you are far away from Taylor, you can still email a librarian for assistance. Given time zones and travel, you may need to plan ahead if you need help finding resources. 

Librarians are happy to assist you with:                                            

  • consultation about your project
  • formulation of research questions              
  • search strategies
  • identifying appropriate databases
  • help with citations (Zotero)
  • other ideas regarding research 

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