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MGT 201 - Introduction to Business

A guide to basic resources for Business research.

Key Resources

Key Resources


This page provides an overview of the best resources for any business research.

Additional pages in this guide cover other issues related to research, such as searching strategies, evaluating resources, and interlibrary loan.



Resource/Link List 1

Best Business Database

general databse

General Academic Database

More Discovery Tools

Business Database

[Sub Title] Resource/Books

Search Library Holdings

Journal Finder

Journal Finder

The Journal Finder is the principal tool to discover whether full-text of a journal is available through the Zondervan Library.

You can often find a journal article in full-text through the Journal Finder that you may not find linked through Business Source Complete or Google Scholar.

Please note that you search Journal Finder with the TITLE OF THE JOURNAL not the title of the article.

The Journal Finder is also linked from the Library's home page -- left margin:

Finding full-text articles through Google Scholar

Using Google Scholar To Find Full-Text Articles

Through a movement called "open access," an increasing number of freely accessible scholarly articles are linked from Google Scholar.  Before placing an interlibrary loan request for a scholarly article, check to see if it might be linked via Scholar.  Here's how:

1) Copy the TITLE of the ARTICLE -- putting the title into quotations: "....."
   E.g., "Value-enhancing capabilities of CSR"


2) Open Google Scholar.

3) Paste the title you copied with quotation marks into the search box.



4) Look for and follow any links in the right margin to full-text. 





WorldCat Research Station

WorldCat Research Station

This is the principal tool to find books, eBooks, DVDs, and many articles available through Zondervan Library -- but also things available from many other libraries.

Field prefixes in WorldCat:

au: author
ti: title
su: subject
kw: keyword
yr: range of years -- e.g., 1980..2016

Worldcat is a very useful resource for generating interlibrary loan requests for books or articles:

Find citation/entry for item (e.g., book or article) --> Search by title (ti: prefix) in WorldCat --> Request Item through Interlibrary Loan. 
See Google Scholar to WorldCat to ILLiad video

Google Books

Google Books: Explores the contents of millions of digitized books.

To search within specific books.  See this brief video: limit the search to "Preview" books.   

“Get this book in print” --> “Find in a Library” will take you to where you can request a book via interlibrary when not available in Zondervan Library.

See this video on going from Google Books to finding the book in WorldCat in "print" format that can be requested through interlibrary loan.

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