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This page hosts videos on various aspects of research using the Zondervan Library's tools.

Library research skills Videos


The Zondervan Library is committed to supporting students and faculty both in-person and online. The goal of the videos on this guide is to virtually cover some of the basic research strategies, tools, and information needed to begin 100- to 200-level research assignments.

If you get stuck, stop by the Ask Desk at the front of the Library for help finding the right tools and terms for your research.

Library FAQs

Library FAQs


Look at our FAQ guide for help understanding how to renew materials, where to find things in the Library, and many other important facts. 

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Background Research / Pre-Research


It is very difficult to write about a topic you know little to nothing about. This tutorial focuses on background research or what is sometimes known as "pre-research." Background research allows you to explore your general area of interest so you can begin to form a more focused research topic.

Developing Keywords


While you can type just about anything into Google and get back some sort of response, research databases can take a bit more skill.  This is because databases give you considerably more control, helping you not only to just find information, but also to find the best and most relevant information.  This tutorial will help you break a topic sentence down into usable keywords.

Accessing Online Resources


This tutorial will show you how to access the tools offered by the Zondervan Library from one convenient location.

What Are Scholarly Databases?


This tutorial discusses the concepts of scholarly databases, journals, and articles, distinguishing between full-text and citation only databases.  The dissemination and publication of scholarship is also addressed.

Database Searching Overview


This tutorial introduces the nuts and bolts of database searching using Academic Search Premier, a database which searches most subject areas and provides a substantial number of full-text articles.  The skills demonstrated in this tutorial are also generally transferable to our other scholarly databases.

Evaluating Resources using T.R.A.A.P.


This tutorial employs a memorable acronym to present useful criteria for evaluating the timeliness, accuracy, reasonableness, and support provided by a particular article.

Finding Full-Text Articles by Citation


This tutorial addresses how to take an article citation from a works cited list or an external tool such as Google Scholar and find the desired article within our scholarly databases.

Using Interlibrary Loan (ILL)


This tutorial explains Interlibrary Loan (ILL), which allows you to borrow articles and books from other libraries around the world at no cost to you.