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SWK 200 - Explorations in Social Work

This guide provides information resources to support the Explorations in Social Work assignments.

Powerpoint Presentations

Powerpoint Presentation

Introduction to powerpoints

Powerpoint is a common tool used for speeches and presentations. If used properly, it can strengthen your presentation. If improperly used it has the potential to distract from an otherwise excellent speech.


Here are a few excellent videos to help you create better powerpoint presentations.

Death By Power Point

How to Avoid Death by Powerpoint


There are a few key principles to good powerpoint design. In this TED Talk David Phillips explains how to avoid "Death by Powerpoint" by teaching you the best techniques for your design. It is an excellent, entertaining talk, and you are sure to discover a few surprising ideas along with way.

Death By Powerpoint

How To Create an Awesome Powerpoint

How to Create an Awesome Powerpoint


Unlike the name suggests this video instructs you on how to create a powerpoint by telling you what not to do. If you want to see how a bad techniques can influence a good presentation, watch this short, humorous video:

How To Create An Awesome Powerpoint

The Most Effective Use of Powerpoint

The Most Effective Use of Powerpoint


This is a great video that delves into other issues not covered in the videos above. From fonts to colors, this four minute video provides a concise analysis of what details you should care about as you construct your Powerpoint.

The Most Effective Use of Power Point

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