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Creative Writing

Designed for creative writing students, this guide takes you through the Library’s resources to improve your research.
Searching for Books & eBooks

Searching for Books and eBooks can be done through the main library webpage. You can search in the main search bar:

Or you can click "Advanced Search" and have the option to narrow and broaden your search:


WorldCat can allow you to search Zondervan's collection or you can search libraries worldwide.

Begin by typing in search terms. 

  • Related terms can be connected with OR to search both at one time.
  • Major concepts of your topic can been connected with AND.
  • Save time searching by using an asterisk. The (*) on [immigra* AND polic*] will look for any number of endings for those root words.
    • immigra* = immigrant, immigration
    • polic* = policy, policies

Dewey Decimal Classification

Zondervan Library uses the Dewey Decimal Classification (DCC) system for non-fiction materials in the main collection. By knowing the DCC # for specific disciplines, you can more effectively and efficiently search the collection. Morehead State University's Camden-Carroll Library has created a great website that shows an overview of the DCC.

The Dewey Decimal Classification System

eBook Collection Databases