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Zondervan Library: Interlibrary Loan

For the duration of suspended in-person classes, the Zondervan Library will support students and faculty with coursework and projects virtually. This page highlights services, resources, and contacts that you may need or want to explore in the weeks to co

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan

Intro to Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service that expands Library user access tremendously.

This service is restricted to current students, faculty, and staff only

By connecting you to the world of knowledge available through tools like WorldCat and various other databases, you are empowered to find more and better resources than ever. 

ILL allows you to borrow articles and books from other libraries around the world at no cost to you!

Log in to my ILL account

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Interlibrary Loan Process



Prior to submitting any ILL article request, please verify that the Zondervan Library does not already have access to the material. 

  • For Article requests: search the Journal Finder for the Periodical title (e.g., New York Times).
  • For Book requests: search WorldCat for the title and limit to items held by Zondervan Library.

After verifying that we do not own the material, please Submit Your ILL Request through your ILLiad account.

ILL Requests are vetted by Library staff and processed through to potential lending Libraries. We will let you know via email as soon as possible when your items have arrived or if we need clarification on your request.

  • Articles are delivered electronically to your ILLiad account.
  • Books will wait for you to pick them up behind the Check Out desk.


To view new ILL articles delivered to your ILLiad account or to renew a book you have received through ILL, Log in to your account and select the relevant option under the "View" menu.

Interlibrary Loan Policies (by Status)

Interlibrary Loan Limits (by Status)


Undergraduate Students 10 active ILL requests
Graduate Students 15 active ILL requests
Staff Members 10 active ILL requests
Faculty Members 15 active ILL requests

Active requests are those which have not been completed: ILL books you have checked out along with article or book requests that are outstanding and have not yet been filled.

How Interlibrary Loan Works

How Interlibrary Loan Works


First, make sure you have an Interlibrary Loan account (ILL), or create an account.

Follow these guidelines to request items through ILL

  • Use WorldCat or one of many Library databases to locate a citation you wish to borrow 
  • Click on the ILL button or link in the citation to Request an item 
  • Sign in to ILLiad 
  • Verify the citation information 
  • Click Submit

If you need assistance with any Interlibrary Loan process or request, please email us or call at 765-998-5530.

Other Requests

Other Requests


What if you cannot find an item you think Zondervan Library should have in its collections?

Use the linked form below to suggest an item for the Library to purchase for its collection. We are certainly open to suggestions of specific books or other materials that fit with our mission and that of Taylor University. 

Please note, any items suggested through this form will be reviewed by the library staff so,

  • A request does not mean that it will be added to Zondervan Library collections.
  • It does not mean that the item will be acquired that semester or in time for your assignment or project.
  • If you are looking for a particular resource to use in a class assignment or project, it is better to use Interlibrary Loan.

Request an Item

Interlibrary Loan Fines



If you do not return the paperwork included with your ILL book, you will be charged $3.00.

Feel free to contact us by phone (765-998-5530) or email with questions or concerns about your ILLiad account.