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Zondervan Library: Library Policies

Explore resources, services, and departments in the Zondervan Library.

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Library Policies


Find information on borrowing items, library services, community borrowers, and other policy related information.



Lost Items

Oops. I lost something. 

Read our policy on lost library items and where to find personal items you have lost.

Loan Policies

How long can a library item be borrowed for? 

Learn how long you can borrow books, DVDs, and other resources as well as fines for overdue items.

Institutional Repository Pillars

How can I submit work to Pillars? 

Details on submitting to Pillars and its use are available on the Pillars site.

Library Help

I can't find what I am looking for. 

For questions, or further assistance with resources, there are librarians available to help.

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) borrowing. 

Since ILL involves borrowing from other libraries, it has special loan policies.


Can I borrow an iPad? 

Yes. Learn about our equipment borrowing policies and terms of use.

Community Members

I'm from the community. Can I use the library? 

Yes! Check out our page for community members and learn how to get a library card.


Does the Library have printers I can use? 

Yes. Learn about the cost of printing and other services we offer.

Special Collections

Using items from Archives & Special Collections. 

Archives & Special Collections has its own policies and most items must remain in their collections.


Where are items are reserve for my course? 

Reserve items are held in the library, but can't be checked out like normal resources.