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Biblical Studies

Designed for Biblical studies students, this guide takes you through the Library’s resources to improve your research.

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What are concordances?

A concordance lists words used in the Bible and gives references to the instances they are used throughout entire biblical text. Often, these are tied to specific translations, like NIV, NSRV, etc. Many study Bibles have concordances included. These tend not to be complete concordances which list every word. The concordances listed on this page are complete and list every word and every usage with the Greek or Hebrew words and links to other verses where a specific word is used.

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Gallery of Bible Concordances


You will find several Bible concordances in the Main Collection on the Upper level. Call Number: 220.523 

There are often versions of concordances in the back of many study Bibles. These are usually not exhaustive and highlight major words and do not include links to the Strong "number." This number traces the origin of a particular word and leads to deeper understanding of Hebrew (and Greek) words.

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