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Zondervan Library: Research Guides

For the duration of suspended in-person classes, the Zondervan Library will support students and faculty with coursework and projects virtually. This page highlights services, resources, and contacts that you may need or want to explore in the weeks to co

research guides

Research Guides



Finding sources in the Library can be intimidating, so we have created special guides to help you find resources faster and easier. 

We have three types of guides to assist you:


Course Guides

Course Guides


These guides are designed for specific courses and projects. They will help you find articles, books, websites, and reference tools for your research projects in those classes. They also provide useful overviews on how to perform certain academic projects like research papers and presentations.


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Subject Guides

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Subject Guides


These guides help you find sources and materials related to a specific subject, such as art, biology, or social work. They will help you find articles, books, websites, and reference tools.


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Topic Guides

Topic Guides


Topic guides are dedicated to introducing you to specific topics, or sharing a unique part of Zondervan Library's collections. From topics like copyright to graphic novels, topic guides are a great way to learn something new and kick-start ideas for a research project.


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