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FAQ: Special Collections & University Archives

A guide that includes questions and answers related to the restructuring of Special Collections & University Archives

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FAQ: Special Collections & University Archives

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Announcement about Special Collections & University Archives

September 2022

As part of a restructuring initiative this summer to improve accessibility and preservation of the materials, all special collections associated with the Center for the Study of C.S. Lewis & Friends (Center) were transferred to the newly named Special Collections & University Archives (SCUA) at Taylor University. Though the Center is no longer an entity on campus, the premier collections of books, manuscripts, letters, periodicals, and other artifacts remain at Taylor University and are now referred to as the British Author Collections. Through SCUA, these materials will be increasingly discoverable and accessible for researchers and scholars interested in the lives and works of C.S. Lewis, George MacDonald, Dorothy L. Sayers, Owen Barfield, and Charles Williams. By facilitating the discovery and use of the materials in the British Author Collections, SCUA seeks to promote the integration of faith, scholarship, and creativity modeled by these authors. Questions about the British Author Collections can be directed to Ashley Chu, University Archivist & Assistant Library Director, Special Collections at

FAQ: Special Collections & University Archives

FAQ: Special Collections & University Archives


Where is Special Collections & University Archives located?

Special Collections & University Archives (SCUA) is located in the Zondervan Library building at the center of Taylor University’s campus. The entrance is at the southeast corner of the Engstrom Galleria on the main level of the building.

Can researchers still access the materials?

In-person research and visitors by appointment are always welcome. Hours of operation as well as various contact methods for SCUA are located here. Anyone interested in visiting SCUA to access the British Author Collections or any other special collection is encouraged to begin the process by emailing and reviewing the Guidelines and Procedures page prior to scheduling a visit.

Will there be any future Colloquia?

Though large-scale external events are not currently anticipated, SCUA is already brainstorming about how to bring groups of scholars to campus to conduct research using the British Author Collections, collaborate, and share wisdom and scholarship with one another and with the broader scholarly community.

How will the British Author Collections be more discoverable?

Within the past two years, finding aids have been created and made available online to communicate the materials held within the British Author Collections. Though they will be updated as we move to a better platform for organizing collection details and information, making this collection information publicly available has led to inquiries about materials within the collection and allowed researchers to have a better understanding of the collections. As enhanced organization is applied to the materials in the collection, the finding aids will be updated to accurately reflect holdings.

How will the British Author Collections be more accessible?

SCUA is open Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm, which expands upon the previously limited hours for access. A higher level of staffing also increases the ability to schedule and facilitate research and respond to inquiries about the collection. In addition, we hope to make an increasing amount of appropriate content available via Pillars, Taylor University’s institutional repository, to allow for worldwide access to our collections.

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